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Have Dakota visit your event, organization or community!

Hear about her firsthand experiences as an Indigenous woman in Canada.
Have your event or project moderated to meet your strategic goals. Find out how your organization can become involved, inspired and motivated to build relationships with Indigenous communities. 


Keynote |  Lecturer |  Emcee


Dakota has provided thought-provoking and engaging speaking services in a wide range of mediums. She is known for her active form of storytelling, engaging audiences of up to tens of thousands across Europe & North America, including university lectures, corporate & community forums, First Nation communities and youth audiences. She has served as Master of Ceremonies for events & conferences, has extensive experience delivering Keynote addresses, moderating panels, and appearing as a panelist on Indigenous issues in both community forums & television.


Facilitator | Trainer | Moderator

Have you ever had to sit through hours of dull, ineffective sessions and presentations? Trained as a facilitator with a specialization in community planning, Dakota uses unique techniques to help groups work effectively and safely through complex issues, establish understanding and meaningful problem solving. Trained in Deep Democracy, Graphic Recording and the Art of Hosting, Dakota enjoys taking an artistic & cultural direction in facilitated workshops across Canada from small groups to hundreds on topics ranging from community planning, housing, youth, leadership development and workplanning.


Strategy | Training | Development
Dakota has served on Boards of Directors, and has experience bringing insight to Indigenous contemporary issues by advising Federal Ministers & Heads of State, members of the public service, professional organizations, non-profits and academic institutions. She has been invited to speak internationally, and received commendations from the Canadian House of Commons, Prime Minister of Canada, the Speaker of the House of Canada, Ontario Legislature and across Native North America on her work & achievements.
CHCH News -Dundurn Castle, Hamilton ON
"Winter Traditions"
Dakota joins CHCH News and the kitchen staff of the historic Dundurn Castle, Hamilton's "Downton Abbey" completed in 1835, to share some cultural meals enjoyed by Haudenosaunee since time immemorial, as they prepare for Midwinter ceremonies. She is joined by her sister Tawnya Brant, local chef/owner of Yawekon Foods. Aired Dec 5, 2017 click photo to view.
Simon Fraser University​-Vancouver, British Columbia
"How to learn an Indigenous Language"

How To Learn an Indigenous Language is a question many want answered. Esteemed speakers Gabriel George Sr. (Tsleil-waututh), Dakota Brant (Mohawk), and Aaron Williams (Squamish) will be joined by moderator Khelsilem for an evening discussion on this question.

Indigenous languages all over the world are on the decline, but many Indigenous people are being proactive in this struggle. All are invited to this special talk from esteemed speakers on their stories, struggles and vision for Indigenous language revitalization.

Aired live Feb 4, 2016 - click photo to view