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The Globe & Mail Dakota Brant

Globe & Mail

"What I want to see is manufacturing and job opportunities that we can bring to our community here so that we don't have to send people away in order to have not just employment but meaningful employment,"



"Reserve-based businesses go global as Indigenous entrepreneurs tap into e-commerce.The internet has helped on-reserve small businesses go global like never before, though a lack of capital or internet access is still a barrier for some."

Macleans magazine Dakota Brant


Today, the Brant sisters' company, Sapling & Flint, is thriving. Last year, 87% of their sales were online, with customers from across Canada, the US, and Western Europe. They aim to become the country's first nationwide wholesale jewellery manufacturer that is Indigenous-owned and -operated on reserve.



As Indigenous women living on a reserve, Dakota and Jesse Brant know how crushing it can be to not have equal access to opportunities. That’s why they made sure they would use their business to empower others in their community.

Walrus Magazine Dakota Brant

The Walrus Talks

From the Walrus Talks National Tour: We Desire a Better Country. Recorded April 22nd, 2017 in the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown. Dakota Brant is a Mohawk woman from Six Nations Territory. She is an artist, entrepreneur, and speaker on issues spanning the Indigenous experience in North America...

powwow pitch Dakota Brant

Powwow Pitch

Dakota Brant owner of Sapling & Flint shares her experience of winning 1st prize at Pow Wow Pitch 2018, where her business is now and being a judge at Pow Wow Pitch 2019.


The Huffington Post

Entrepreneurs Share Tips On Moving Business Past 2020 Troubles

The pandemic has been brutal to small businesses. In Canada, some small business owners rose to the challenge and came up with creative and innovative solutions to win customers and stay relevant even in this challenging year.

The Globe & Mail Dakota Brant

The Globe & Mail

How small businesses are embracing the rapid shift to e-commerce:

“COVID was a test of our brand and our preparation because we saw instant growth in online shopping. We understood it, but we also tried to make it as seamless as possible [for consumers] as the growth was happening.”

The Voice of Retail Podcast Dakota Brant

The Voice of Retail

In this episode, I’m in Ohsweken on the Six Nations of the Grand River celebrating Small Business Week in Canada with Dakota Brant, CEO of Sapling & Flint™. We talk about how Dakota and her business stands out in a crowded market, what makes this award winning retailer successful, and key elements important to indigenous makers and retailers here in Canada.

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