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Aboriginal Women Business & Entrepreneur


Certified by the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship as a BEST program instructor. I offer 10-day training courses, specializing in Indigenous youth & women audiences, that provide business start-up learning & support, covering topics like developing a business idea, building a business plan, market strategy, financing, market research, e-commerce business that builds on my own successful career as an e-commerce business owner, and more.



Have you ever had to sit through hours of dull, ineffective sessions and presentations? Trained as a facilitator with a specialization in community planning, Dakota uses unique techniques to help groups work effectively and safely through complex issues, establish understanding and meaningful problem solving. Trained in Deep Democracy, Graphic Recording and the Art of Hosting, Dakota enjoys taking an artistic & cultural direction in facilitated workshops across Canada from small groups to hundreds on topics ranging from community planning, housing, youth, leadership development and workplanning.


Dakota has served on Boards of Directors, and has experience bringing insight to Indigenous contemporary issues by advising Federal Ministers & Heads of State, members of the public service, professional organizations, non-profits and academic institutions. In the past she has been invited to tour internationally and received commendations from the Canadian House of Commons, Prime Minister of Canada, the Speaker of the House of Canada, Ontario Legislature and across Native North America on her work & achievements.
Graphic Recording is the translation of conversations into images and text on large sheets of paper during meetings and events. At the end of the meeting, the large colourful mural (approx. 4' x 7') is photographed and the images can be used online, in videos, brochures, or as screen savers. Dakota can service your event, meeting or visioning session in this capacity.

"I remember being struck by how articulate and well-spoken this young lady was. No matter how complex and multi-faceted the issues and discourse has been, I have found Dakota to speak with compassion, clarity, and a deep understanding of where she stands."

Cheryl McKenzie, Host, APTN's InFocus

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